Lydia offers harp and piano lessons in her studio in Mount Sterling, serving clients on the southwest side of Columbus. Including:

  • Mount Sterling, Ohio
  • Grove City, Ohio
  • Washington Courthouse, Ohio
  • Circleville, Ohio
  • Orient, Ohio
  • Columbus, Ohio

Lydia has over 19 years experience teaching children as young as 4 through adults. She offers 2 recitals per year (Spring and Christmas).

Harp Rentals are available from $30-$50/month.

Virtual Harp and Piano Lessons

Even if you don’t live in or around Columbus, you can still take lessons with Lydia on FaceTime or Skype.  Lydia has taught students all across the US as well as Australia, England, Canada, Germany, and Pakistan. Call, text or email for more information. 


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By Tom B. on 2/26/2014 
Piano Paragraph

Awesome Teacher and Great Person!

We have been taking lessons with Lydia for about 8 years total now. My daughter took piano lessons for 5 years and my son for 4 years. Both kids started at about kindergarten age. Lydia also gave piano and harp lessons to my wife for about 2 years.

Lydia is very patient and flexible. For example, she is willing to let my son explore songs on the piano that he is interested in, even though these aren’t necessarily part of her original lesson plan. Also, Lydia uses the piano dollar approach, which really helps to motivate the kids to work hard.

We highly recommend Lydia for piano and harp lessons for kids of all ages and adults!

By Lisa B. on 3/5/2014 

The Perfect Teacher for my daughter

My daughter took Piano lessons with Lydia from the time she was in the first grade until she entered Jr. High school, when other interests became a higher priority. She also took 1 year of harp simultaneously with her piano lessons. She absolutely adored Lydia as a teacher, and I was pleased to have her in such skilled, patient and capable hands. I was pleased with her progress and always delighted to hear her perform her skills at the 2 recitals each year. I was a particular fan of the Christmas recital at the nursing home. I loved that it also taught the students a little bit about giving back to others.

I highly recommend Lydia. 

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By LGMJ P. on 9/23/2014 
Harp, Online 

Years ago, Lydia was kind enough to try Skype lessons with us, given we are 8-9 hours away from her. We sought a Bible believing, Faith-oriented Christian Harp teacher and she was it! We have been delighted with her teaching, her love for music and for working with the students. We have had the privilege of watching her play in the Orchestra and, traveling the 8-ish hours for Spring and Fall recital and hearing her play with the students and encourage the students on their playing in the recitals. She even recently coached us through a pedal harp purchase and her help was invaluable. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for piano and or Harp instruction. 

By Angela M. on 3/21/2014 

Effective Teacher

Lydia has taught my son piano for 10 years, demonstrating patience from the time he was three and successfully encouraging him to continue playing into his teen years. She is always professional, punctual, and courteous, and is extremely proficient in communicating her considerable knowledge and love of music. 

By Anita B. on 9/24/2014 
Piano, In home 

Lydia taught my daughter both harp and piano for 8 years. She is an excellent teacher. I could not have asked for better. Lydia is extremely musical, and is professional, yet down-to-earth, kind and friendly. She is very patient and has pleasant to be around. She has recorded CD’s of her harp music, has played with orchestras, and has attended many music study programs. Her musical ability is superior and she LOVES to share her the joy of playing both harp and piano to others. Lydia is also flexible with the pieces she teaches. She is very good at teaching the classical pieces and exercises, but also can teach pop and other genres. She has two recitals a year which are in a relaxed atmosphere but still give the student the performance experience. GREAT TEACHER! 

By lori G. on 2/26/2014 

Super teacher

My nine year old son has been taking piano lessons for two years from Lydia.
Our experience has been great. She is good at keeping him motivated to practice and make progress thru a creative reward system. She always demonstrates patience and professionalism while working with him.
It is a good learning environment for adults and children. I also appreciate her scheduling flexibility.


By Jeanne on 3/11/2020 
Harp, Online 

Lydia was a breath of fresh air for my daughter who had already been taking harp for two years from an accomplished local harpist. She cared about my daughter and sought ways to help her reach her goals. It was enjoyable to watch them work together for two plus years online. I am truly so appreciative of Lydia and her harp lessons. 

By Amy K. on 2/20/2019 
Harp, Online 

Lydia was wonderful! We had trouble getting a camera working first time, she was so patient. Building on the music base my daughter already had, she quickly zeroed in on what my daughter needs to work on. She looks forward to the next lesson. ? 

By Wanda on 10/11/2018 
Harp, Online 

We really enjoy our weekly lessons with Lydia 

By Diane S. on 8/11/2018 
Harp, Online 

Lydia is very helpful and goes beyond the norm to help you learn. She gives great ideas. She is very knowledgeable and an excellent harpist. 

By Gabriel on 6/4/2018 
Piano, Online 

It was my first lesson but I got comfortable with the teacher really quick (and that’s not me, it usually gets for ever to get comfortable with someone). 

By wesley on 5/4/2018 
Harp, Online 

Lydia is awesome! 

By Kylie W. on 3/29/2018 
Harp, Online 

Extremely easy to work with, coordinated around my daughters busy schedule, helped her with every question she needed, we were beyond pleased!! Excellent!!! 

By Lauren K. on 12/26/2017 
Piano, In studio 

Lydia is a very inspiring teacher. She has encouraged my grandson to reach well beyond what he thought was possible. 

By Aparanji on 12/15/2017 
Piano, Online 

very good instructor. For a novice as me, Lydia is perfect . 

By Deborah G. on 11/16/2017 
Harp, Online 

Lydia is very professional and a good instructor. I am enjoying her class very much. 


By Wolfgang on 8/30/2017 
Harp, Online 

First lesson went FAR better than I would have predicted. I needed help accessing Lydia, on line. She was helpful and patient. It worked! I look forward to being a harp candidate for a chair at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. There may be one open during my harp tutelage with Lydia. 

By Jason G. on 7/28/2017 
Piano, In studio 

Lydia is super nice and knowledgeable. It’s clear she knows exactly what she is doing and how to ensure the best results from her lessons. I’m really excited to continue learning from her. 

By Wanda on 7/13/2017 
Harp, Online 

We love how patient she is with our daughter. Our daughter looks forward to seeing Lydia and her lessons. 

By Ella on 4/28/2017 
Harp, Online 

Lydia is great with my 7 year old! Very patient and kind. 

By Jennifer M. on 4/6/2017 
Harp, Online 

Lydia is great with my 7 year old. She is calm and patient and i really like the book she recommended we use. My daughter is looking forward to her next lesson! 

By Joseph on 6/27/2016 
Piano, In home 

Thanks Lydia! 

By James S. on 11/17/2015 
Piano, In studio 

My first lesson was great. She helped me gain a lot of confidence as to whether or not I could learn to play. Can’t wait until my next lesson 

By Regan & Rylee W. on 10/20/2015 
Harp, Online 

Lydia helped rekindle my daughters’ desire for harp. They were progressing so slowly with their previous instructor and were becoming bored. They are both very excited to have Lydia. 

By Ronnie S. on 8/18/2015 
Piano, In home 

I would like to personally thank Lydia for all her guidance during the last few months. I have learn a lot and even did a piano performance in front of people. Her teaching methods are adaptive and flexible, any student would be happy to have her a instructor. 

By Dennis K. on 8/12/2015 
Harp, In studio 

Lydia is a great instructor. I am a beginning student and I think l I learned a lot in the first session. I really enjoyed the lesson. She has inspired me to learn to play the harp and to practice every day. I am looking forward to my next lesson. I would recommend Lydia to any prospective student.. 

By Michelle H. on 7/30/2015 
Harp, Online 

I think Lydia is the perfect instructor for my six year old daughter. Very personable and friendly! It takes a special person to be able to teach children. Lydia has to gift to do that. 

By Sasha H. on 7/14/2015 
Harp, Online 

Lydia is a friendly teacher who cares about establishing good technique and habits. We are very happy with her instruction. 

By Ronnie S. on 9/25/2014 
Piano, In studio 

As a adult leaner, I want to say that she is patient, easy to understand and relates well to new people. A good teacher who likes sharing knowledge.